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Here she is, NINA. Her favourite colours are purple, blue, gold and silver. Curious? Watch the video and find out what this young creative girl has to say about her personal style!


The Onedayshop by HTNK fashion-matchmakers was at kleine fabriek to present a special ‘Story Store’ at the Blueprint area. Disarming was the sequence of videos made by Deon van Vliet, where children were interviewed about their favourite clothing items. Watch the first video and meet Julia: 7 years old and she will show you her wardrobe and tells you about her favourite pair of jeans.

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Exhibitors and visitors also agree about trends too. As well as a noticeable amount of nature and wild animals for girls, and a strong fascination with ‘space’ and other discovery journeys for boys, the overall impression is much more toned down and quiet when contrasted with the loud, bright and  ‘bling’ children’s fashion we have seen in previous seasons.

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At the 16th edition of kleine fabriek, last Sunday 13 and Monday 14 January in the Amsterdam RAI, there was a refreshing and positive atmosphere. A busy Sunday, with a striking number of international visitors, was matched by the quality of the visitors attending on Monday, a day that traditionally attracts more press contacts. Feedback has hardly ever been so unanimous: the industry has finished its grumbling about the economic tide, the lion seems to have been tamed. “We all need to work a little bit harder and be more inventive, to break the cycle. And meanwhile, a whole new generation of brands and retailers have popped up that don’t know it any other way.” read more

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