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Click here for the participating brands of kleine fabriek 19 & 20 january 2014

Keep an eye on the brand list for all brands that will be present at kleine fabriek, it will be updated daily.

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floor plan kf #17Click HERE for the floor plan of kleine fabriek, 19 & 20 january.


Split into 65% fashion and 35% other, buyers can find products covering clothing, fashion-led accessories, shoes, interiors, books and toys. In order create clarity and ensure that the more than 400 brands presented are easy to locate, we divide the fair in 4 segments.

4 areas

Kleine fabriek offers a segmentation that is differentiated by lifestyle, image and distribution.
Every segment has its own stand design. By incorporating the following segments, kleine fabriek hopes to create more clarity for retailers, as well as for press and exhibitors.

The area for brands with collections consisting of toys, bed linen, furniture and interior accessories.
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Star is meant for brands with a distinctive own handwriting. The fashionable collections range from clothing to shoes and accessories.
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The area for fast moving brands. Industry brands are trend sensitive, on top of the market and can adapt fast to the consumer’s needs. Sturdy collections for kids and teens.
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The blueprint area is for those brands that have a strong emphasis on jeans in their collection. Jeans is at the core of their identity.
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