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Click here for the participating brands of kleine fabriek 6 & 7 july 2014

Keep an eye on the brand list for all brands that will be present at kleine fabriek, it will be updated daily.

floor plan

floor plan #19Click HERE for kleine fabriek  floor plan #19, 6 & 7 july 2014.

new areas and plaforms

Split into 65% fashion and 35% other, buyers at kleine fabriek can find products covering clothing, fashion-led accessories, shoes, interiors, books and toys.

Kleine fabriek celebrates its 19th edition with a complete new look. The range on show has been thoroughly shaken up and reorganised. Never a dull moment in fashion! The new layout is divided into three strong, recognisable areas which in turn are home to a selection of refreshing platforms.

The summer edition of kleine fabriek will be a surprising experience for every visitor. A fresh perspective brings with it the discovery of lots of new things, and that’s exactly the energy that we aim to create!

brands by area and platforms

Kleine fabriek offers a segmentation that is differentiated by lifestyle, image and distribution.
Every area and platform has its own stand design. By incorporating the following areas, kleine fabriek hopes to create more clarity for retailers, as well as for press and exhibitors.

Our main area for the coolest fast moving teen fashion – both casual and denim brands.
view all brands participating in the new area Block

Our savviest zone for junior fashion labels found in the high-end, destination, flagship and curated stores.
view all  brands participating in the new area Fame

Our smart starters platform, either for first time try outs or small start-up brands. No stand is too small to make a great first impression!
view alle brands particpating in the new Peek platform

The area for brands that jazz up juniors’ entire ‘kit and caboodle’, from play to props and interior, everything other thanthe wardrobe.
view all brands participating in the Object area


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